Paintings and Prints

My paintings are strongly influenced by practices of modernist, futurist and surrealist painters. I research the dimensions of figurative painting through an associative deconstruction of motives strictly by formal means of evaluation. I play with the internal mechanisms of the human mind, deciphering their subconscious language and conveying their abstraction into physical form.

The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living

A project started in 2013 as a reply to Hirsts retrospective in the Tate museum and the stealing of two of his paintings later that year (Pyronin Y in Oleoylsarcosine) from the Notting Hill Gallery in London.

Thirty-six Potential Audis

The book uses the formal tradition of works by Ed Ruscha like 26 Gasoline Stations and Every Building on the Sunset Strip to question the definition and process of legitimacy, that art and non-art have to overcome to be regarded as such and how each of the two concepts, when juxtaposed to each other, will inevitably define one another.

When Filler Becomes Framework

When filler becomes framework is an hour and a half long film dedicated to the question of classification of commercials in todays society. Made up of 80s and 90s american commercial shorts it substitutes the function of the filler, that commercials usually take, and instead turns them into the actual framework in which they would usually only be embedded.